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What I Did For Spring Break, v.1

I have a special fondness for pulling over on road trips to see silly sights. Before we left for Ohio last week, I declared to O that, joy of joys, maybe we would see a sign pointing towards the worlds largest something on the way. Without anyone expecting our arrival and with a full week to fill, there was nothing to hinder our adventure-seeking on the open road. Largest ball of yarn, largest ball of wax, largest ball of anything. I was ready for it. On the outward drive, nothing caught our eye. On the way back, however, O suggested that we stop at Hershey’s Chocolate World. Why not? Hershey may be a bit pedestrian, but it still tastes good and I’m not one to turn up my nose at a free sample. Whaddya know, right inside their brick walls we found the world’s largest (ahem: commercial) candy bar and candy kiss. The singing cows, proclaiming that milk chocolate was ‘moooo-tricious’ as we rode through the faux factory on a gigantic plastic sled were pretty great, too.

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