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That’s the sound of me taking my very first yoga class. As it turns out, I’m not as bendable as I thought I would be. It was a good experience, but if you think yoga is my ‘love’ item for February 4, you are so very, very wrong. This is what I loved the most:

That right there is a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies. My mom’s recipe. And there is nothing like eating something warm, comforting and chocolate-y after a lonesome sort of day. While there are many recipes for baked goods I’d like to try out, some days aren’t meant for new tastes. Some days, when you miss having lunch with your boyfriend and hanging out with your little niece and nephew, when the place you left behind for a new adventure seems really far away, you need something that tastes like home. And sugar. Home and sugar.

P.S. Tangent, funny story about baking. I picked up a box of Trader Joe’s gingerbread cake, willing myself not to like the sample that somehow ended up in my hand at the store, but then I did. I made it that night as a surprise for O, along with homemade whipped cream. He took a big bite, looked horrified and mumbled, “This isn’t chocolate!” I still can’t believe he didn’t smell the difference.

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February 6, 2013 - 8:43 pm

Becca :: Making Room in Sicily - Haha, the gingerbread cake story made me smile. What I wouldn’t give for a Trader Joe’s around here! I eat gingerbread all year round and would love a bite of that cake with whipped cream…

And yay for yoga class! I have a few DVDs at home and need to try them out with my daughter. I think she might have fun trying to copy some of my funny poses. :-)

February 6, 2013 - 9:10 pm

admin - Plus, so many yoga poses have names that kids find hilarious: down-dog, tree pose, hero’s pose, cow-face. I bet she would love it.

So glad you came over! I got hooked on the stories of your Italian life today after I found your blog. I miss it there… but there IS something about being overseas that makes you realize how convenient so many things are in the States. Hurrah to having a Trader Joe’s nearby. Not-so-hurrah to not being able to find good gelato.

February 8, 2013 - 2:15 am

Haley - Your PS reminds me of the time I was served a mint green shade of ice cream at my in-laws’ house. Thinking it was mint ice cream I said yes to a hearty serving. Turns out it was pistacio, not mint. I tried not to wince, but needless to say my taste buds were very surprised!

February 8, 2013 - 2:47 am

admin - There is no way to conceal that original shock, right!? It’s like drinking orange juice when you thought the cup had milk in it. I like orange juice… but I wanted milk. Ya know?