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“Just so you know, it’s been almost a month since you posted”

My friend said that to me yesterday.

I have been defeated by a blog. I used to wonder, before I started this thing, what type of blogger I would become when things in real life got busy/happy/sad. And now, although I can’t account for the third of those situations since things have been just swell, I can report on the first two. Busy? Blog neglect. Happy? Blog neglect.

I have been in Connecticut. And Minnesota. And Ohio. And Maryland. And now I am back home preparing for another trip to Colorado in a couple of weeks. But before I take off again, I’m going to try and claw my way back on the blogging wagon. For starters, instead of a long wordy update you can look at a pretty picture update instead.

one & two  |   I got to see these two darlings, my niece and nephew, for a full week last month. Their parents- my sister and her husband- are pretty great, too, but my ratio of child-t0-parent photographs is approximately 400:1 so you get to see these. Not pictured: my nephew’s perfect red locks and my niece’s ability to turn anything into a song.

three & four   |  Shortly after I returned home, we drove to Ohio to see friends and O’s family. I made funny faces into the camera. We had a blast.five & six & seven & eight   |    On the drive home, we detoured for a Memorial Day party with some friends who host a big shindig each year. We camped out, and because they live in the most pastoral spot, it was lovely and quiet. We also shot some guns; I was terrible. No matter, though, because it was such a welcome break from the world of school. Bonus points for this stop because I got to re-hear stories of O’s college days, told by friends and teammates. That’s one of my favorite ways to pass the time.the final   |    We have returned home. Now, we both stare at computer screens all day long, studying and editing and studying and editing. At least we get to sit on the couch together as we work, though. That’s a win.



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June 6, 2013 - 8:13 am

"the friend" aka Becks - YAY!!!! :) :) :) :)

I am happy to see pictures too – you know how I love your pictures :) and the nieceling and nephling are so big!

June 6, 2013 - 1:44 pm

Emily - They ARE so big! And so wonderful! You’re lucky you get to see yours all the time!