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I generally try and avoid being a walking cliché, but here I am. Starting a blog. On New Years Day.

Actually, that is not entirely true.

What I am doing right now is working in an Open Office document. My project has stalled before it started because I, predictably, can’t choose a title for this spot in the e-world. I think names are important, words are important. I haven’t decided what to be called yet, so here I type.

Have you seen the episode of the Office where Creed has a ‘blog’ that he thinks is real but is really a Word document with www.creedthoughts.gov.www\creedthoughts written at the top? I never thought I would have anything in common with that guy.

Why a blog? I’ll tell you. I am pathetic at keeping a paper journal, but like having a record of what has happened in my life. I like the internet, I like to write, I like to take pictures and I have been reading blogs since I was 16. That seems like a recipe for success, right? At the very least, I’m sure my big sister will enjoy reading along. (Hi, H)

If there are strangers out there reading this, welcome. I’m Emily. I’m 28. I just moved to the East Coast and am a photographer and grant writer. I generally adore: my boyfriend O, reading, RadLab, tiny houses, traveling near and far, cheese, and watching foodie documentaries. I strongly dislike or am generally bad at: washing dishes, being far away from my family, and keeping a poker face.

As I said to O last night, “SHARK YEAR!”

2013, I’m ready.

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