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I’m certain the burning question on the minds of hundreds is what we have been eating the last few weeks. Problem is, I cannot really remember. There was the time we went out for pizza, and the time we went out for that other thing, and … I guess I haven’t been cooking much recently. This fancy new blog and the fact that photography season is gearing up as the icy sludge finally drips away has taken my mind off our little white kitchen. We have, however, had the time to make each of these. All of them are winners; gold stars to everyone. I was planning to choose one favorite for the week, but when I racked my brain for any demerit I could give a single one, nothing appeared.

The quinoa, O said tonight, is really effing good. The best quinoa recipe we’ve tried so far. The fact that you boil the grain in coconut milk and broth instead of water is perfection.

The noodles are not good for you, not really, probably not at all. But they are quick, easy, and taste the emotional equivalence of your most beloved paperback on a cold winter evening (with more butter). Everyone needs some comfort food every once in awhile.

The thought of these nuggets make my mouth water as soon I pull out the broccoli in anticipation of roasting it. Make a double batch; they are time consuming, but worth it, and you’ll want more than the single recipe produces.

Recipes & Photos from:
1. Iowa Girl Eats | Thai Fried Quinoa
2. Pioneer Woman | Pesto Pasta with Cream Sauce
3. Joy The Baker | Broccoli and Potato Nuggets

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March 4, 2013 - 8:15 am

Becks - I pinned that thai quinoa recipe and have been dying to try it!! so pumped you guys did and that it gets such a rave review from O! :)

March 4, 2013 - 10:51 am

Emily - Ofer read this post and said, I did NOT say effing.

I said, yes, yes, you did.

He said, alright, fine, I did.

I was really that good!