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Meatless Monday … Through Sunday

What was intended to be a four week post-holiday spree of meatless eating has turned into an ongoing conversation thatView full post »

Pad Thai Tale

There’s this hole-in-the-wall Thai place, unpromisingly located in a squat grey strip mall next to Pizza Hut. ItView full post »

Food, lately

I’m certain the burning question on the minds of hundreds is what we have been eating the last few weeks. ProblemView full post »

Nerdy Food People

We’ve been occupied by festivals and forums over here in grizzled Connecticut. On Friday evening, without plansView full post »

As promised, curry

I said last week that I would share this recipe with you and here I am, holding up my end of the bargain. It is anView full post »


We got the meal planning off to a slow start this week. There was a lot of snow on the ground and very little motivationView full post »

Today, I love veggies. Still.

That’s right, we extended our veggie fest for another week. Photos by the talented O and recipes from: 1. SmittenView full post »


That’s the sound of me taking my very first yoga class. As it turns out, I’m not as bendable as I thought IView full post »

Nom nom nom

O and I have been eating vegetarian for the past month. We’re not really vegetarians– aren’t youView full post »