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Up, up and away

I think there have been two things clearly established on this blog: one is that I wear my knit bonnet approx. 90% ofView full post »

Quotes (Because I Am Really Busy Working But Want To Post)

On the topic of why having a child isn’t the biggest responsibility ever: O: It’s really only a thirteen,View full post »

Shutterbug {White Coat Ceremony Edition}

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Three Brief Scenes

One. // noon, a Monday // Them: Hello, thanks for calling Groupon. How can I help you? Me: I was wondering aboutView full post »

Shutterbug {Spring Break Edition}

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What I Did For Spring Break, v.1

I have a special fondness for pulling over on road trips to see silly sights. Before we left for Ohio last week, IView full post »

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

We were featured on a fancy-pants family photography website today. Let The Kids, it’s called, and it’s aView full post »

Busy Bee

After one of our weekly roundabout discussions on vocation and whether either of us will ever find just one life-longView full post »

He knows just when to look up for self-portraits

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Fly On Wall

If you were here, you would know that we have been reading Harry Potter at night recently. Our pre-sleep entertainmentView full post »


I have so many memories of snowy days. There were the the forts made by hollowing out huge embankments of snow, giftedView full post »

Dreaming & Scheming

In the last three years, I’ve been all over the place. Fifteen states and four countries, to be exact. I’mView full post »

And so it goes

I missed posting on the second day in February. The SECOND day. My track record for this blogging challenge has alreadyView full post »

February love

We’re not big Valentine’s Day celebrators around these parts. I love me some chocolate, but I don’tView full post »


See, I have a bonnet kind of like that. It’s really more a bonnet-headband hybrid, but I call it the bonnet and IView full post »