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Big Time Snow Day

Things to do when Nemo-the-winter-storm is knocking at your doorway on a Saturday morning:

1) Sleep in ’till ten.

2) Read some David Sedaris aloud, in particular the title story in the book we picked up about visiting a nudist trailer park. Why? Who knows. Somehow, the idea of a nudist colony crops up in conversation right after waking up and what is there to do but find something funny to read about it? Ever since hearing tapes of Sedaris reading his short stories while I was living in a convent in Italy, he’s been my go to guy for laugh-aloud books. I always silently thank fellow convent-dweller Stephen for the introduction to his work when I pick up one of his many excellent books.

3) Old school Bill Cosby on vinyl. Enough said. Go watch the link.

4) Crepes! I made crepes! I would never have thought to try, but a recipe on my sister’s Pinterest board sparked an interest and all of the sudden there they were, piping hot and delicious on my plate. Crepes are intuitively kind of intimidating, right? Not these babies. Super easy.

Perfect start to one of the snowiest days I’ve ever seen. Which is saying something, because I used to live in Fargo, North Dakota, peeps.

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February 11, 2013 - 7:58 pm

Haley - Love those crepes! I need to make them again soon…

February 11, 2013 - 8:22 pm

Emily - I was intimidated at first, but they were SO easy. And so good.