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I missed posting on the second day in February. The SECOND day. My track record for this blogging challenge has already been sullied, but I’m going to try and persevere.

The best thing on February 2? Swim club.

I’m not a swimmer, I don’t leap up and down with glee at the thought of exercising, but I am awfully competitive. So when O suggested we meet up with two of the girls in his program to swim, I couldn’t say no. ‘I need to get really good!’ was my first thought, followed closely by slight concern that all I own as far as swim-wear goes is a little blue bikini. That I bought in the 11th grade.

I went anyways.

That was three weeks ago, and I think I’m getting better. That fact kind of made my day yesterday. O got me some goggles and a swim cap for my birthday and I’m still rockin’ the lap lane in my bikini. It hasn’t fallen off yet, so double win. The only problem is, my arms hurt so much today that I can barely type.


(But not really.)

Special treat: the photo below is a real, actual image of me as an eight year old on the swim team. Just look at that suit. Wowza..

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