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I love the hedgehog

I’m living in a new city, with a bonus challenge: blending two apartments into one. Hey there, cohabitation! Nice to meet you. I had some pretty lofty hopes for our new place when I moved in three months ago, ready to settle in after months of sleeping on an air mattress and living out of a suitcase. Homey, uncluttered, relatively inexpensive, something resembling stylish. This is the plan I made for our bathroom, which has since been fully executed. To someone notorious for starting a decorating project, only to realize two weeks before I move out that those pictures never did get hung, this is a victory. May my fear of commitment in the form of nail holes be forever vanquished.

1. Hedgehog on Forest time. My favorite find, easily.
2. Green & grey towels. From Target!
3. Sunburst shower curtain. I looked long and hard for something like this under $30 and finally succeeded. Similar here and here.
4. Clean Getaway Soap. Made by a friends’ sister, the packaging is gorgeous and the smell is even better.
5. Barr Co. Soap. Another yummy scent.
6. Bamboo soap holder. Practically given to me for free by IKEA’s clearance shelf.
7. Bumpy juice glass. So many pretty colors.
8. Cup o’ succulent. From the shop around the corner.

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